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People's Choice Winner
Oct 2023

Thank you to the Ladysmith Art Gallery for all the love and support you have given! We can't forget the people who choice the heron as the best painting and to you, Thank you!

Check out their events at:


Japanese Canadian History in Nanaimo Presentation Sept 2023

Last night we were honoured to attend the Japanese Canadian History in Nanaimo Presentation put on by the Nanaimo Historical Society! They gave special thanks to me for painting a mural that paid respects to that issue. It was such an amazing feeling to be a part of one of the only tributes so far to this historic industry and group of people. What a great informative presentation by Tami Hirasawa. And thanks to the homeowners who commissioned this great learning tool. I love that Art can bring attention to an unknown part of history.

historical 2.jpg

Campbell River Art Battle Aug 2023

 I had the pleasure of competing in my first art battle. Though the pressure was on to complete a painting in just 20 minutes, the experience was worth every second. While I didn't come out on top, the satisfaction of creating something unique and beautiful in such a short amount of time was unbeatable. I'm excited to continue experimenting and pushing the limits of my creativity.


Victoria Crescent
Night Market

As an artist, I use my work to explore both the beauty and complexity of the natural world. My passion for drawing and painting has always been a part of my life, and I love nothing more than sharing my creations with others. This summer, you can find me at the Thursday Night Market taking place in front of the Vault Cafe. Be sure to come by my booth between 5pm and 9pm to check out my latest pieces and see what inspires me most.

The Bazzar Room

 I am thrilled to announce that there is a new Art Gallery upstairs at The Vault Café, and it's ours! We are showcasing an array of paintings, hand-made signs, hand-made canvases & easels, cards, magnets and so much more. As a master of creating unique and heartfelt pieces, I ensure that each item displayed in our gallery is a true reflection of my creative spirit and passion. Come visit us and discover how we can add more color and life to your world.

#2 Historical Mural on Protection Island

As an artist, I find inspiration in the world around me and use my medium to share stories and capture moments in time. One of my most prized works is a mural that I completed in 2023, depicting Protection Island Herring Saltries in 1920. This breathtaking mural is located near the beginning of a trail on Protection Island, and I hope it inspires generations to come to learn more about the history and beauty of the island.

Foodshare Art Class

At Dabbling with Denny, we believe that art is not only about creating something beautiful, but also about expressing yourself and exploring new ideas. Our most recent class, held on June 23, focused on the theme of blowing clouds with straws. It was a wonderful time, filled with artistic exploration and discovery. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a newbie to the world of art, our classes are designed to help you tap into your creativity and express yourself in ways you never thought possible.


Gun Cotton & Ether Sign

My passion for creating captivating art pieces has taken me on unique journeys and collaborations with other artists. Recently, I was commissioned to create a sign for a tin type photography studio located in Downtown Nanaimo. I enjoyed working on every aspect of the project, from brainstorming to execution. My approach is straightforward; I listen to clients' ideas and help bring them to life. With an eye for detail and a love for creativity, I'm happy to help you with your project!


Handmade signs @ The Vault

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Through Dabbling with Denny, I get to create art that speaks to me, while also communicating with others in a way that words alone cannot. One of my favorite recent projects was working on the signage for The Vault Cafe in downtown Nanaimo. To see my artwork come to life on such an iconic and historic building was truly surreal. Seeing the signs that promote and define The Vault Cafe take shape was an experience that I will never forget.

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